2009. október 15., csütörtök

All type of kuns

This post could have never been written without Misi, who actually asked for it. Neither without Kyoko, who supplied the authentic information. Let's hear what she says about the old times!

- So, Kyoko, please tell me about the Asshi-kun and his compaignons!

- Very hisashiburi1 words you mentioned! A bit natsukashii2 feeling (chuckles).

- I have heard that back in the 90ies girls were keeping multiple boyfriends. And they were categorized according what they were good for...

- Yes, its true. Back than a serious girl always had a backup.

- A backup? like what?

- Well, let's take first the two big categories: there were the Keep-kuns and the Honmei-kun. Honmei-kun (honmei = favorite, real) was the one she really cares for and hoped to merry eventually but for the time being the Keep-kuns (keep, like keep in English) were useful pretty useful.

- Useful? for what?

- Various functions. Mitsugu-kun (mitsugu = finance) was a Keep-kun who could help when she gets a bit... short of resources. A sub-category of Mitsugo-kun is Messhi-kun who payed for the dinner.

- Sounds practical. Were there other types of Keep-kuns?
- Asshi-kun, as its name says (ashi = feet) was the one she can called when she needed a ride. Like the one my girlfriend used to call; after drinking, usually around midnight, when the last train left. He drove an hour to pick her up and another hour to drive her home and another hour to go home. She was also calling her ex-boyfriend for a taxi ticket after missing the last train.

- Amazing... and what did Honmei-kun think about all this?

- Not much, as he was not informed. He thought he was the only one.

- This sounds like a very practical system. Is it still in use?

- Oh, no. Those words are now shigo (not used anymore), they were only used during the bubble period3.

- So are the girls honest now?

- Yes, they would never do double-play with their boyfriends.

- This is very reassuring...

1 long time not heard

2 nostalgic

3 80ies, early 90ies when the Japanese economy was on the top

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  1. Kicsit nehéz elhinni hogy ez már nincs így,ravasz hölgyek mindig voltak,vannak és lesznek..

  2. Valószinűleg nem éreztettem jól a posztban az iróniát... Nanáhogy.