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Uoshin Nogizaka 魚真

We go quite often to this place, but we actually did not know its name until we checked it for this post. We just refer to it as let’s go to that fish-place again. Actually, we were not far from the truth there, as Uoshin means something like “honest-to-goodness fish”.

The narrow entrance looks quite respectable with a white noren curtain and a tiny, white-pebble garden with a stone lantern. The inside is altogether a different story - a crazy hotchpotch of rooms on two floors with an additional terrace protected by transparent vinyl sheets and decorated by red-and-blue striped paper lanterns. The furnishing is equally haphazard with rickety tables and upended beer cases with a cushion tied on top serving as stools.

Uoshin is actually one of a chain of restaurants with close ties to the Tsukiji fish market. This connection accounts for the consistently good quality, reasonable prices and the unusual types of fish on the menu. On our recent visit we started dinner with sashimi moriawase a seasonal selection of sashimi, including buri (yellowtail), katsuo (bonito), tobiuo (flying fish), kinmedai(golden eye snapper), isaki (grunt).

We are rather particular to grilled kama (jaw or head), especially the huge jaws of tuna which offers plenty of tasty morsels around the bones. This is not a good dish to start with, it is better to share it with friends, eating slowly after ones first hunger is slaked. Kama is not on the menu, but we always ask the waiter what is available from the kitchen. This time we hadwarasa no kama (young yellowtail), a fish much smaller than tuna, so we had the whole head grilled.

We were sitting at the edge of the terrace, watching the drizzling rain and the reflected lights on the wet road. The cool evening called for something warming, so we drank shochu rather than nihonshu and ended dinner with simmered kurodai (black snapper), rice and misoshiru.

The best part (OK, almost) comes at the end when we ask for the bill. It always costs much less than we expect...

Food: 7/10 (very good)
Ambiance: 6/10 (nice place)
Price-performance: 9/10 (amazingly good value!)


Address: 9-6-32 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (3) 3405-0411

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